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Updates, the Olympics, strangers at the door

In honor of the Bejing Olympics, I’m posting more content from China. See the video link bar below to go to youtube videos.

The Chinese lifters really have amazing technique. From watching the best on TV or seeing newer lifters in person, one characteristic strikes me – EXTEND!

Regardless of bodytype, the lifters stress the top of the pull, to the point that the weights appear to glide…even float at the top of the pull. It really is beautiful. Another thing to notice is staying over the bar, and the direction which the knees move in the horizontal plane, enabling the lifter to pull longer.

Anyhow, after watching the women’s 53kg’s being streamed live at 3AM on NBC olympics, followed by the men’s 56kgs, I finally crawled into bed. Shortly after, I hear a knock on the door….

I thought they were selling something, or maybe trying to convert me. They dressed a like, carried a large touristy, canvas bag AND they were knocking on my “back door” (really, my front door, but this is Maine… everyone from around here knows that ).

As it turns out, they were from USADA. Yes, USA Anti-Doping Agency. And, they came to collect a sample. You know, one of the testers names was also Gwen. huh.

Still, I find their prescence coincidental; interestingly, I had a good competition the weekend prior. I went 6 for 6 at the Connecticut Open (more video below, talk is cheap ;). It was a great location; a very classy sports club outside of New Haven. Free food was provided, which is a step-up from most meets (though the entry fee was more than some national meets).

And now, Olympic Medal moments, that shocked Gwen, in no particular order:

  • Rybakou losing to Yong in 85’s, who saw that coming? Yong jerked 214 like nothing!
  • Dolega didn’t win 105’s… or medal?! Wow, and Lapikov made the medal stand. Klokov and Aramnau were easy prediction to win a medal of some color, and Aramnau’s huge lifts.
  • Jang Mi-Ran’s easy World records in Women’s superheavyweights. No wonder China did not enter a Super. Totaled well over 300kg while being one of the Lighter Super’s.
  • Chen Xiexia, in 48’s, is awesome. Her technique is amazing, like Taylan in 2004, snatched near double bodyweight. I want to snatch doublebodyweight!!!!!!
  • Liu Chonhong in women’s 69’s by huge margin with Slivenko in second. Note, Oxena Sliveko won the 2007 world’s vs Liu.
  • Prapawadee opened with 120kg in the clean and jerk in women’s 53’s.
  • Superheavyweight men- Steiner’s 10kg jump to win. Euvgeny Chisigev should win Mr Universe, only a handful of Super’s are that athletic looking, and a huge 210kg snatch.
  • Sa winning the 69’s. Totally thought Li Hongli would win after Taner Sagir bombed.
  • Ilya Ilin is awesome.

All of the above, once again, a reminder to train much, much harder and to stay inspired, not overwhelmed!

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