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Some Whining, sarcasm, anger and injuries

Why is it that Massachusetts driver’s keep rear- ending my car? It happened last TUES. I was hit by an ambulance (and, no, they did not have their lights flashing! and it was behind a stop sign). The last time it hapened was in OCT 06; my SI joint was the primary victim, being messed-up for YEARS. Atleast, this time a completely different part of my back was irritated and bothering me now.

There are two annoying aspects here:
1. I have to take time off from training before a national meet for a NON-sports related injury
2. most people,c learly, do not understand the concept of conservation of momentum
-mass X velocity = mass X velocity. So if a really big mass (ie ambulance) hits a stopped, much smaller mass (Corrolla waiting behind another car at a stop sign), the small object gets more of the momentum transferred to it. So my Corrolla’s zero momemtum gets all the momentum from the gianormous ambulance. So, when you hit my car, from behind, at a stop sign, don’t tell me “So for hitting you. You’re ok, right?” . See Bullet 1, I am NOT ok.

So, why am I whining about a car accident on a weightlifting blog:
Sport competitions are all about who is the best on the day of the competition. I can whine now and say I was lifting “X” amount a few weeks ago, but it means nothing when I get on the platform at a meet a few weeks from now.

I guess this happens all the time in weightlifting and in other sports. Here’s an example: Oscar Figueroa lifted close to the Olympic Gold medalist’s lifts, just days before the actual competition…the morning of his weight class an injury flared-up and he could not even grip the bar, he bombed out.

I think the worst part when you get soft tissue injuries is it is hard to know how much time to take off or what intensity to stay below. I’m just going to take it easy the next two weeks. Still, I need to find away to get back in shape by Collegiates, at least, nationals.

Yes, my whole national meet season occurs in a period of two months –and these are the only meets to qualify for US teams, why do we not have more competitions or invitationals etc….or selection based on training just prior to int’l meets (eg Colombian model) vs months before as anything can happen.

I hate being the victim. So, time to stop whining. Time to move on…..

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