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Ramble On

Having a bit of writer’s block, now. …

A few weeks from now is the combined USAW National Championships and PAN AM Championships. A meet format to get excited about! More lifters lifting more weight is only cause to get inspired, to further raise the bar.

The idea of exposure should not be underestimated. Every meet one goes to builds something; there is nothing like a competition setting. One can simulate it in a “controlled work out”, yet its doesn’t replicate all of the serendipity, sometimes travesties of a meet setting.

I guess my training for this meet is all about (1) getting stronger, and (2) making weight sooner. Sauna+ Gwen does not = good results. Both (1) and (2) have been going well; its all about making it happen on meet day.

I did alright at last years nationals, getting a medal in the snatch, but left feeling I could do more. Leaving weight on the platform– its such …hmmm… blah feeling. But there are meets when one feels invincible, when you reach the “white moment” as Yuri Vlasov described it. That’s how I want to lift– ya know… not so much strategizing on the rest of the field, but, just, going out there and putting whatever on the bar you dare to. Why not?

I feel like,a t times, lifters get trpped by metrics of hitting a qualifying total or scoring team points, that they don’t go for it…they lift safe. Maybe, then, we just need more opportunities to lift at sanctioned national meets or Cups/invitationals which count towards national rankngs (I mean 2 -3 big national meets a yr, that’s like a weekend in baseball season)

will write more later…..

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