Monthly Archives: April 2010

Day 4

Women’s 75kg:
Ubaldina Valolyes of Colombia, after coming back from surgery, wins. Some good competition form Venezeula and Ecuador.

Men’s 105kg

Julio Luna lifts! We see the return of world champion Julio Luna, form VEN. He was quite under his best lifts, still doing an impressive 206kg.
Jorge Arroyo,a junior lifter from Ecuador, with a huge snatch, wins this category. Also, very lean and athletic lifter.

Women’s 75+kg
This was all Seledina Nieves of Ecuador. Seledina, at a 91kg bodywieght, was far ahead of the rerst of the competition and went after the South American Games record.

Ecuador’s lifter, Julio Arteaga, who with beautifully smooth technique, won. He did give go at 228kg and missed the jerk.
Brazil’s Fernando Reis sqeezed into to 2nd with an all out 3rd attempt clean and jerk. Colombia’s Santamaria. showed great technique finishing in 3rd by one kilo behind Brazil.

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