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The Risto Trainer – for WODs, deadlifts, and bodybuilding

“What is the Risto Trainer? And how is it different from Risto Lifting shoes?” you may ask.

Here are the short simple answers:

What is the Risto Trainer?:

This is a leather shoe with a solid rubber heel and sole. The heel is flat– this is perfect for wide stance deadlifts, running, jumps, double unders, burpees, etc…  The toe is also designed to be resistant to doing burpees.

order here:

How is it different from other shoes on the market?:

Quality!!!!  I have seen those $100 dollar shoes that wear out after 3 months.  Ok, these will wear out too, but I think they will last a bit longer than soft, nylon/plolymer shoes with soft rubber soles.

Stability — we are using a much harder rubber than any of the flat sneakers or low heel deadlift trainers (ie EVA is softer than rubber).

Do I still need weightlifting shoes?:

Yes, if you want to have any chance at maximizing your lifting potential, then you actually need weightlifting shoes.  Have you ever seen a pit crew in NASCAR — they have specialized tools for each operation, hence making them incredibly efficient and effective. You need the right shoes for the right job. Wearing a “sort- of- crossfit- Oly -lifting -but -not -really- shoe”, will only give you sort of good results.

Finally- SAFETY and Injury Prevention!  Weighlifting shoes are a must to protect yourself when doing maximal lifts. Lifting has the lowest injury rate at the Olympic Games — I think this also has somethign to do with the fact that even lifters from the poorest countries wear lifting shoes with a solid wood heel.

Do the best thing for your Lifts and your body.

What is the Risto Combo:

Right now, you can get 1 pair of trainers and one pair of white thunders for $175.  Yes, this is a sale price. Yes, we do not guarantee how long we will be in production with either shoe, so best to buy it now.  Yes, the trainers are on a presale, now, so its a 6 week  lead time.  These shoes take a bit less time to make since the heel is rubber.

LG in the News – 7YR old weightlifter

Gwendolyn Rojas, our youngest, undefeated lifter was featured in the Daily Stamford for her best Junior lifter performance at the Connecticut Open. You may see the article and photo here:

LG trains really hard. 6 days a week she does an expertly designed program.  The results carryover into everything, including school and even fishing with her grandparents.

Keep up the determination and great attitude LG!

Seminar SAT, Discount price!

Come to Risto Sports at :

384 HL Dow Highway

Suite 19

Eliot, ME 03903

(see google maps for exact location, most other programs and GPS have wrong location)

We are 1 hour north of Boston.

From 8-5 on SAT the 13th, Dr Herrera will teach you how to write a weightlifting program Soviet Style. Like I always say, if you’re going to learn something, you should learn from the best. We can all sharpen our skills to reach a new level of greatness. Life is all about continuous improvement, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, learn from the best and build on it.

Did I mention this is also 2 miles form the Portsmouth Airshow in Portsmouth, NH and the Maine barb b que fest in Eliot, ME. In other words, you have at least 2 other excuses to spend the day or weekend in Maine!!!

Pricing is 15% off $125 or reduced price of $106.25 for online orders:

Connecticut Open

Check out some of our athlete’s awesome performances on youtube at this past weekend’s  Connecticut Open. This included the meet kicking-off with the World’s Strongest 7yr old girl and closing with the World’s Strongest tuba player. We also won the Open women’s competition, see Lesbia Cruz doing 108kg as a 63kg

Gwen Sisto:



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