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Elite lifter supergroup training at Risto sports

Want to lift with the best in the world from all over the world? Well, come on down to Risto High Performance Training Center!!

This week, Luz Mercedes Acosta of Mexico, Jonny Andica of Colombia, and Lesbia Cruz of Guatemala graced us with their presence. For our new lifters, this was an awesome opportunity to see a fantastic display of power and technique.

International phenoms Luz Acosta, Jonny Andica, and Lesbia Cruz lift with Risto Sports

Seeing a woman with 12% bodyfat toy with 90kg snatches is incredibly motivating.  Seeing a 77kg lifter snatch double bodyweight for reps was also incredibly motivating.  It is an eye opening experience, to see that, yes, lifting huge weights is possible!

For those who missed the action, we uploaded new videos on our youtube channel:

We also had some up and coming National level lifters make a surprise entrance:

National medalists Jonas Westbrook and Dave Boffa stop by for a training session

Introducing- Tuba Tony, World’s Strongest Tuba player

Risto Sports proudly welcomes the addition of Tony Blanksteen to our staff — AKA “Tuba Tony”. Tony joins our Team in the office and on the platform. Tony will be persuing his weightlifting dreams while working for Risto Sports.

Tony is a classically trained Tuba player and has a Master’s Degree in Music from UMASS Amherst. Tony’s professional experience aslo includes teaching music at public schools. We really look forward to the professionalism that Tony will add to our customer service team.

More importantly, Tony will be training twice a day under the coaching expertise of Ivan Rojas. Ivan fully anticipates Tony to sky rocket in his results. (Risto sports exists for athletes, when lifting is on the same level as work, our products get better as we understand the athlete’s needs better).

We are happy to help an athlete train fulltime while improving the Risto Sports operations.

FYI: Tony welcomes any classically trained Tuba player to challenge him on his claim as World’s Strongest Tuba player

Colombia’s National Championships results


48 Kg Class                                                            Total

1.- Yeni Alvarez                                                     160kg

2.-Luz Julio                                                           154kg

3.-Roxana Osorio                                                 148kg

53 Kg Class

1.-Rusmerys Villar                                                188kg

2.-Margarita Mercado                                         188kg

3.-Luz Restrepo                                                    173kg

58 Kg Class

1.-Jackelina Heredia                                           219kg

2.-Ana Lemos                                                       202kg

3.-Elizabeth Martinez                                         159kg

63 KG Class

1.- Lisa Rivas                                                         220kg

2.-Darly Sanchez                                                  197kg

3.-Stefania Munoz                                               179kg

69 Kg Class

1.-Mercedes Isabel                                                236kg

2.-Nissida Palomeque                                         234kg

3.-Daniela Hernandez                                          179kg

75 Kg Class

1.- Ubaldina Valoyes                                            252kg

2.-Sandra Perea                                                    209kg

3.-Leonelis Teheran                                             174kg

+75Kg Class

1.-Yessica Solis                                                     235kg

2.-Yorelis Iriarte                                                   205kg

3.-Edy Johana Puentes                                       155kg


56 Kg Class

1.-Francisco Mosquera                                        264kg

2.-Habib DeLas Salas                                          264kg

John Jairo Serna                                                   236kg

62 Kg Class

1.-Diego Salazar                                                      294kg

2.-Oscar Figueroa                                                  292kg

3.-Francisco Gamboa                                            271kg

69 Kg Class

1.-Doyler Sanchez                                                  310kg

2.-Edwin Mosquera                                               307kg

3.-William Alvarado                                              301kg

77 Kg Class

1.- John Villacuero                                                 335kg

2.-Gabriel Mena                                                     332kg

3.-Hugo Montes                                                      325kg

85 Kg Class

1.- Carlos Andica                                                     354kg

2.-Antonio Valencia                                                329kg

3.-Juan F. Ruiz                                                         327kg

94 Kg Class

1.- Wilmer Torres                                                   353kg

2.-Yenier Caraballo                                                320kg

3.-Juan Murillo                                                       293kg

105 Kg Class

1.- Jose Ruiz                                                            355kg

2.-Cristian Hurtado                                               346kg

3.- Cesar Arboleda                                                  340kg


1.-Freddy Renteria                                                   392kg

2.-Jose Nieva                                                             350kg

3.-Jose Solis                                                               316kg

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