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Risto Sports Announces new Head Designer – Storm Lewis

In the spirit of continuously improving the aesthetics and overall look of our sports gear–ie, each new design gets closer and closer to more accurately identifying the Risto esprit du corps- we are proud to announce an add to our design team.



Storm Lewis will be working with Risto Sports on our next generation of shoes.  Storm graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY.   He has done design work for labels such as: Samesky, Oleg Cassini, and Calvin Klein…. to name a few.

More importantly–  Yes, he has a real Mohawk.


July 4th unveiling: 2012 US Olympic Team Singlets and Competition Uniforms

Happy Fourth of July!  Happy Independence Day  America.

To celebrate Indepence Day, Risto Sports is unveiling — for the first time ever– the Official Singlets and Competition Uniforms for the 2012 USA Olympic Weightlifting Team.   Yes, we are sponsoring  the US Olympic Team’s weightlifting team (yes, I am stating this redundantly on purpose).

The official design of both the competition warm-up suit and singlet was approved by the United States Olympic Committee and designed to the specifications of USA Weightlifting.  We are proud to have the honor of providing this equipment.

We also opted to send the entire US Olympic Team for the sport of Weightlifting a care package of Risto Sports products.  We wish the best to our Olympic Weightlifting Athletes: Holley Mangold, Kendrick Farris, and Sarah Robles.

We created a page on our website where you may read more at: .

Finally, please check out our facebook page to find more exclusive photos.

Go for the Gold –   Sarah, Kendrick, and Holley!

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