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“Kazakhstan Number One” and the Soviet System – Get Certified

Did you notice Kazakhstan won every weight class that they were entered in for women?  Did you notice Ilya Ilin of Kazakhstan smashing the 94kg world records, outlifting the 105kg winner?

Would you like to know what training methods they use?


Guess what — we can show you:

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The Kazakhstan weightlifting program used the Soviet System to train their athletes.  Just like Alexeev, the Kazakh lifters brought home the gold in record breaking performances and style.    You, too, can learn to apply this system to your athletes by attending the Risto Sports’ Certification on the Soviet System.

In our Seminar, we will open the doors to the Soviet System to you.  You will get an introduction to the Soviet Programming, and walk away being able to proficiently apply the fundamentals.  Yes, this is a Level 1 Certification, as Dr Herrera, Medvedyev, and Turkeleri did not become programming genius’s over night.  Still, we offering you a fast track to becoming an expert as Dr Herrera has already done the research on training systems for you.

If you’re wondering how we know that Kazakhstan uses the Soviet System, well, we know a couple of ways:

For one, Risto Sports’ Head Coach, Ivan Rojas, happened to have a long conversation on Kazakh training methods with  the head of the Kazakh weightlifting federation, Kairat Turlyhanov, while flying back from the Paris World Championships on the same connecting flight to Frankfurt, Germany.   (Apparently, Ivan knows everyone and hangs out with everyone in the know, so we’re pretty lucky, here, at Risto Sports).

Finally, there is a pretty good article in,  showing a snap shot of a Kazakh youth training program, that shows characteristics of Soviet training– it’s of course written in Russian.  (Yes, if you come to the seminar, we’ll teach you much more than what’s in this .pdf).

And here’s another fun fact:  Enver Turkeleri is the coach and consultant, of the Kazakh national team. It is an often forgotten fact that he brought up 3 time Olympic gold medalist Naim Sulymanoglu, as well as  3 time Olympic Champion Halil Mutlu.


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