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Announcement – Risto Sports to appear at AFX!

From the farthest North state on the East Coast to the farthest North state on the West Coast- in true viking form– the Mainiacs from Risto Sports are invading Alaska!


Risto Sports will be at the 2012 Alaska Fitness Expo (AFX, as the cool people call it, so we’re told) in Anchorage, Alaska October 13, 2012.  You can swing by our table at the weightlifting competition. Stop by our table for exciting news and, exclusive offers.  Not to mention, in between the Olympic lifting action, check out some pro fitness, powerlifting, and bodybuilding athletes will be around, including the likes of Dana Linn Bailey.

Risto Weightlifters Gwendolyn Rojas and Gwen Sisto will be lifting.  Risto will also be giving out prizes for the top lifters, on sinclair, of the session.

The following day, we will also be holding a Soviet System I Certification at South Side Strength and Fitness can register for the event at




It is a rare opportunity to catch a Risto Cert outside of Maine, so Sieze the opportunity!


What it’s like going to the Soviet System I Certification and What you Get!

Hi there,


We just wrapped up our first “Soviet System I” certification, and it was a great success.  We had coaches- College Strength coaches, private sports performance trainers, CrossFit Coaches  — and athletes from Ohio, Indiana, Quebec, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania,  New York (yeah, Brooklyn!), Kentucky, North Carolina, Maine, and probably a few places I’m not even aware of…  attend the Certification today.

Here is what attendees got out of the Cert:

1.  Actually, went through several programming examples with Dr Herrera

– This includes – how to program a month of training, how to decompose it down to planning rep’s each week and each day

– This includes which combination of exercises to do each day — and why

2. Actually, were required to do a sample program to become Certified (ie we don’t give Certificates out like candy)

3.  Yes, and, my favorite the PHILOSOPHY AND Theory you need to know to even be able to write a Soviet program

4. A sample program that Risto Sports created for Annie Thorisdottir for Olympic lifting,

5. Studies done on Alexeev, and the programming that went with it

6.  Booklets that the students can take home with them to use as a reference going forward

7.  Vitamin Shoppe of Portsmouth, NH sponsored the event with free gift bags (free supplements!)

8.  A free lunch


In summary,  this certification went into the “how to”  as well as the “why” behind the Soviet System.  We feel that the participants who passed the certification test will be proficient in writing basic Soviet training programs, which means big results for their athletes.


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