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AFX Recap

As you probably already know, Risto Sports made an appearance at the Alaska Fitness Expo last weekend (OCT 13-14, 2012).

Risto Sports was invited by Alaska Fit Productions ( to AFXIII.  Here are the results of Risto lifters:


Gwen Rojas (LG), Age 9, snatch 23 , clean and jerk 32 , 55kg total , under 48kg weight class

Gwendolyn Sisto , snatch 82, clean and jerk 97 , 179 kg total, 63kg weight class, Best Female Lifter

Here are some fun pictures of the Risto Team with pro IFBB Athletes as we.ll as some shots of the powerlifting, figure, and bodybuilding competition (Sorry, we did not get any photos of the Olympic lifting as we were helping out and lifting)  Note, cool photos with Dana Linn Bailey and Mike O’Hearn

Risto Sports also gave a Soviet System I Certification, in conjunction with the Expo organizers,  at South Side Strength and Fitness ( The seminar was a great success, with athletes remarking that they learned as much in a half hour as a semester a of college.  Yes, we do a pretty good job jam-packing the Certifications with content!  At the certification, we also do hands-on application. Check out some photos of the Cert 

Finally, here’s a cool video of IFBB pro, Fred Smalls putting on a real show:

And then, Fred talking about how awesome Alaska, Garry Lodoen, and George Farrah are:


Top 5 – Places to get Natural Foods and Raw milk near Risto Sports

If you’re coming up for our Soviet System I seminar on October 27 at the Risto Sports Gym, or any day for that matter, here are some suggestions in no particular order for Organic, Natural, buy local, and raw foods.  

1. Rising Tide Natural Foods  …Raw milk and goat milk! :

This is a local food store with mostly dry goods as well as refrigerated dairy and soy product, about 2 miles from the gym. They carry  Raw Milk and goat milk.   Many of their dairy products are from Maine and New Hampshire. They also have a great selection of unique fair trade and organic products like cacao nibs.

2. Golden Harvest …lots of good, fair trade coffee:

Local food store that carries fresh produce (vegetables etc) as well as local dairy products. They also sell locally made gelato and ice cream (pre packed).  They have a good selection of locally roasted coffees, many of which are fair trade or organic or both ( brand out of Brunswick, ME).

They are also adjacent to Carl’s Meat Market, carrying fresh butcher quality meat.

3. Portsmouth Health Food Center – Raw milk and Grass Fed yogurt!

This is a store located in downtown Portsmouth, NH ; which means it is a short stroll from magnificent local cafes!  Anyhow, they tend to carry grass fed dairy products from Rollingsford, NH.  Paleo diet followers: grass fed milk has a different fat profile than regular milk- more omega 3’s than omega 6’s (high omega 3 ratio due to eating grass and NOT soy or corn).

Other unique items they carry is a wide selection of high Omega 3 as well as high monounsaturated fat oils, such as: avocado oil, almond oil, apricot oil, coconut oil.  Most of the oils list the fat profile; a great plus for Paleo diet followers.

Their website is

4. Philbrick’s Fresh Market… the local, organic, high end supermarket!

This description from their website says everything, “Philbrick’s Fresh Market is a local, independent, family owned and operated food shopping experience like no other. At Philbrick’s, you’ll find everything you need to make all of your meals more memorable, from the area’s best selection of naturally raised meats to organic produce and hard to find specialty foods and ingredients And if there’s something you don’t see next time you’re here, our helpful, food-loving staff will come to the rescue. Too busy to cook? Our amazing selection of restaurant-worthy prepared foods and sushi-to-go are always here for your convenience. ” from

Philbrick’s is a favorite of many local Crossfitters and Risto athletes. It’s got everything in one place. You can get raw milk, grass fed yogurt, freash made meals to go, Kombucha, grass fed meats from Wee Bit Farm in Maine, and lots of coffee and tea choices.  They even have a cafe located inside.  In terms of prices,  they carry a lot of high end local/organic/artisan/heirloom/fair trade products.

5. Farm stand on Route 236, South Berwick, Maine near Marshwood High School

If you simply keep driving West of us on route 236, right near the Marshwood High School is a fresh farm stand.  They are still open as of now and have beautiful pumpkins.

Also Mention: Vitamin Shoppe in Portsmouth, NH  – raw food bars and Icelandic Water

Our local Vitamin Shop often carries raw food bars and Icelandic Glacial water.  Though Vitamin Shoppe is yet to carry products like raw milk, this store has a good selection of friendly items like high purity protein powder, Omega 3 supplements and raw food bars.

In closing, Risto Athletes have actually bought products from each local business listed, and we’re offering this information to our customers as we know how important diet is to your training success!!

If you have a local business that you would like to recommend, then please leave a comment.

DISCLAIMER: The FDA does not support Raw Milk and advises against Raw Milk; talk to your doctor before buying raw products

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