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Just Say No to Oppression!


You may have noticed articles in the news about  the Tazreen Fashions factory in Bangladesh that burned down, killing over 112 people.  You may have heard some survivors claiming to have worked there since they were children. You may have heard that when workers smelled the deadly smoke, they were told to go back to work!

Here’s what you can do about this exploitation:

When you can, buy products that you know are not made in a sweatshop.  It starts, right here, at Risto Sports with our Risto branded shoes, wrist wraps, and straps.   The people making our products are treated like people as you can see here:

I know people who say they can’t buy things that aren’t made in a sweatshop because it’s too expensive. Guess what, that’s not true either!

Because Risto Sports opts to fairly price our products, our shoes are still cheaper than other brands.  And, we are higher quality than the other brands on the market.  Seriously, if you’re on the fence about which shoes to buy, why wouldn’t you buy a high quality shoe that you know is doing something good for the people who made it?

So, do something good this Christmas, Hannukah, Festivus, or other holiday of your choice and buy a piece of social good — a pair of Risto’s… maybe some Fair Trade coffee, too.  It’s really that easy.

” Be the change…”Mahatma Gandhi.

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