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Risto Sports to host International Conference on Olympic Weightlifting March 16 & 17 2013

Risto Sports cordially invites you to our 2 day International Coaching and Technical Conference on Olympic weightlifting, in Eliot, Maine, USA  just outside of  Boston.  The conference will provide coaches with new methods for  improving their athlete’s performance.


This is an excellent opportunity to receive both training methodology and practical application of coaching..

Specifically, experts will address technical aspects of programming, athlete motivation,  and correcting common technical flaws.  Featured speakers  include:

  1. Dr. Alfredo Herrera former member of IWF Technical committee, former technical directors of Cuban weightlifting team,   PhD and Post Doctorate at State Central Institute Moscow, USSR
  2. Leo Totten, Owner of Totten Training Systems LLC, US Olympic Team Manager, Head Coach of East Coast Gold
  3. Maria Isabel Urrutia, Olympic Gold Medalist

A special technical demonstration and analysis to be performed on Carlos Andica, Pan Am Record holder, 205Kg clean and jerk at 85Kg weight class.

The seminar location is in scenic Eliot, Maine; located one hour North of Boston. Site hotel is Anchorage Inn Portsmouth, New Hampshire: .   International flights should be booked into BOS or Boston, Massachusetts.  Other nearby airports include PWM and MHT.

For more information, contact Ivan Rojas at +1 207 319 7607 or

Keeping it simple – Gym & Program rates

It has come to our attention that we have many athletes in various states of distance training, on site training, on personalized programming only, on generic begginner programming, or sponsored.  To keep things simple, here’s our full price list. So, if you just want to drop in to train or need full programming, here is a product for everyone’s price range:

To just drop in and train, no coaching =$10

One month use of gym, 1 technical advice session or beginner coaching = $50

To drop in and quick technical advice =$25

To get a personalized training session with in depth analysis=$80

4 hour personalized seminar = $180

12 week programming cycle by Dr. Herrera or Prof. Alexei Ignatov =$385 (1 purchase of personalized training session can be credited to the purchase of a cycle), use of gym included with 12 week cycle

Special pricing for local School District Students (MSAD35)

Repeat customers receive free drop-in session pending gym availability.  Sponsored athletes and guests of Risto Sports exempt from fees.


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