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How to develop competitive lifters….

Team Risto was present at the 2015 USAW Open in Reno Nevada. Our lifters didn’t win any medals and only one lifter competed in the A session of her division. I couldn’t be more proud of our lifters and their individual path to this competition. Each of them started weightlifting late in life (not when when they were 12 or 13 as it would be ideal) and went to this meet with a year of training with us.

Christopher Kenney;

Lider 1 155




Chris started our Soviet system in November, 2014. His initial Olympic total was 205 Kg in the 85Kg class. At the American Open his total was 276 Kg in the same weight class. He showed an improvement of 71 kgs and 34.63%.

Jessica Weisman (MASTER LIFTER)

Jessica Finland

Jessica Started with us in September 2014 and her total was 149 kg in the 69kg class. Jessica is 38 years old and in June 2015 she took the Silver medal at the 2015 Pan American masters Championships in Savanah GA, later in September of 2015 she won the Gold medal at the World Masters Championships in Finland 69 Kg class, age group 35 to 39 years old.

At the American Open and in her very first national meet of any kind she Snatched 80kg and C&J 90 Kg. This is an improvement of 21 kg or 14%.





Dr Frankel joined our program in September 2014 with a total of 110kg in the 48 kg class. At the American Open her total was 129Kg in the same weight class (48Kg). She improved 19 Kgs or 17.27%.

We also had Ernie Prempeh who started training with us in October 2014. In July 2015 Ernie started training for Team Ghana so he switched coches and now he trains under Dr Kyle Pierce (Ghana’s National coach). Ernie also showed great improvement. He started with 214 Kg total in the 69kg class and at the American Open his total was 243 kg also in the 69 kg class. Improvement of 13.35%


The lifters that started and finished with us this year of preparation had an average of 22.11% of improvement. Any coach that has directed a natinal team or has trained elite lifters knows that an improvement in a year of 4.8% is huge!!!!

How were we able to get this 22.11% average improvement with part time lifters with an average age of 32 years old ???

we pay attention to the individuals needs of each athlete and emphazise in their weaknesses so they can become their strengths.(please read our article on Soviet System in this blog)

Female athletes need to be treated diferently as male athletes due to the difference of quantity of their tesoterone (lower in women) and strogen (lower in men).

Women can take high volume training better than men and the higher percentage of repetitions has to be in intensity zones 5-4 (50/60-60-70%) and in men intensity zone 3 (70-80%).

The weekly distribution of the load was:

day 1 80% day 2 85% day 3 89% day 4 70% day 5 85% day 6 85%-90%. *** max out only on days 6 of week 7, 10, 12.

The number of weekly reps between 370 to 630 reps per week.

We expect greatt things from our team in the future. Our junior lifters wil start competing in 2016 and we also have a goo number of MASTER LIFTERS that want to make an impact in Weightlifting. Our Masters will compete in Japan.

Interested in joining us ?

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