AFX Recap

As you probably already know, Risto Sports made an appearance at the Alaska Fitness Expo last weekend (OCT 13-14, 2012).

Risto Sports was invited by Alaska Fit Productions ( to AFXIII.  Here are the results of Risto lifters:


Gwen Rojas (LG), Age 9, snatch 23 , clean and jerk 32 , 55kg total , under 48kg weight class

Gwendolyn Sisto , snatch 82, clean and jerk 97 , 179 kg total, 63kg weight class, Best Female Lifter

Here are some fun pictures of the Risto Team with pro IFBB Athletes as we.ll as some shots of the powerlifting, figure, and bodybuilding competition (Sorry, we did not get any photos of the Olympic lifting as we were helping out and lifting)  Note, cool photos with Dana Linn Bailey and Mike O’Hearn

Risto Sports also gave a Soviet System I Certification, in conjunction with the Expo organizers,  at South Side Strength and Fitness ( The seminar was a great success, with athletes remarking that they learned as much in a half hour as a semester a of college.  Yes, we do a pretty good job jam-packing the Certifications with content!  At the certification, we also do hands-on application. Check out some photos of the Cert 

Finally, here’s a cool video of IFBB pro, Fred Smalls putting on a real show:

And then, Fred talking about how awesome Alaska, Garry Lodoen, and George Farrah are:


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