Apocolypse averted

Yes, my training has been going awesome again. See below.

About a week ago an old injury from someone rear-ending my car flared-up. Ughh my rhomboid was so tight, I couldn’t turn my head. We had to scale back training quite a bit.

I saw my DR last week, and I’m still on —USA Anti-doping approved for in and out of competition use— prescriptions. Yeah, my back like REALLY hurt.

Also, to aid recovery, I did combination of icing and steam bathes. I’m working on getting some extra sleep this week… I say working on getting sleep because I have 2 team STAMP analysis’s due for my MIT class next week. More specifically, one project is for NASA’a Europa space mission, and each team in the class is to repirt their analysis out to NASA engineers. Out of professional respect as well as wanting to get an “A” in this class, my team and I do not intend on slacking on this assignment, rather more likely we plan on being “team overacheiver” for next week.

Anyhow, my injury seems to be calming down a bit. I’ll squeeze in a physical therapy session before the meet per Dr’s orders.

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