At the Risto production site

Right now, I´m at the Risto production site in South America.

All I can say is “wow”. I´m so happy, the shoes are coming out awesome. And, it really is all craft work. You know: made by hand, by artisans, using traditional family methods.

Talking shoemaking

I think the carbon footprint is lower than other brands: all local materials are used, mostly natural materials such as the 100% leather upper, using traditional methods. Each shoemaker has atleast 20 YRS experience in this craft.

The artisans, themselves, seem to have a co-op like realationship. There is almost a familial atmosphere in the shop- just a few people working on an art form they love, shoe making. To get materials or supplies, they just go down the street to the leather shop, or the wood shop.

Yes, these are made in a small shop, not a production line. It reminds me of the place where my parents bought my first violin in New Jersey– you know, a small store front, locally owned small business. In the back, there was a room with strewn peices of wood curing, violins in all stages of fabrication. A melange of entreprenuership and art.

Oscar sewing the upper

I´ll be posting more photos and details later …

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