Australian National Weightlifting Nationals 2010

In our quest to explore the world of weightlifting, Risto Sports was present at the Australian Weightlifting Nationals 2010 (seniors) in Lauceston, Tasmania.

This year not many lifters competed at the nationals because they had just competed at the commonwealth games (got medals there) and also the traveling to Tasmania was very expensive. I did find out that Australia is pretty expensive i.e the shuttle from terminal 1 to terminal 2 at the Sydney airport was $ 5.50!!!!

I left my hometown of Eliot ME on Tuesday 12/07 and drove to Boston Ma to take my flight to San Francisco, CA ( 6 hours) flight and then flew to Sydney for 14 hours and finally to Lauceston TAS, arriving on 09/12 2 around 19:00 PM Australian time.

My good friend and master weightlifter Craig Newman was waiting for me at the airport and drove me to his home. I have to thank Craig and his lovely family for their great hospitality.

Craig is the treasurer of the Tasmanian Federation and together with his team they organized the event. My first surprise was to learn that therea are a lot of volunteers that work really hard for the sport. On Friday the venue of the event was set and all the warm up platforms completed.

A few of the lifters visited the venue to get familiar with the platform and logistics. Also a few officials were around.

On saturday 12/11 the event started with not many lifters. It was great to meet again Lyn Jones and we started talking about our friends in the USA.

The Australian Weightlifting federation was established in 1947. Eight state menbers are its constitutional owners. The federation is governed by a board of directors with elected members and three appointed. I was informed (haven’t verified thought) that there’s only one full time paid employee and the other employees are part time and mostly Volunteers.

As far as its administration the AWF is directed by its CEO who manages the overall operation of the federation. The high performance manager supports the CEO. The secretariat to my understanding is based in Melbourne.

….As they said in their own words: ” Via the generous financial support receinev from the australian Sports Commission, Australian commonwealth Games association and Australian Olympic committee, the AWF is a financially viable organisation that focuses on providing tangible opportunities for athletes, coaches and officials”….

Australian lifters have won 4 medals at the olympic games and 54 Gold medals at the Commonwealth games.

I saw that the best male and female lifters received a $ 1000.00 prize at the end of the competition. Second and third finishers got lesser amount


Women’s 48

Name Snatch C & J Total Place

D. Groves 56 kg 72 kg 128 kg 1

63kg Class

M. Robinson 67 kg 84 kg 151 kg 1

69kg Class

J. White 75 kg 93 kg 168 kg 1

R. griffiths 70 kg 95 kg 168 kg 2

75 kg class

B. van Tienen 78 kg 96 kg 174 kg 1

75 kg +

J. Myers 90 kg 105 kg 195 kg

1 ** Best lifter. Bodyweight was 77.3 kilos. Jenna is a 75 kg lifter and won a medal at the commonwealth games.






69 kg Class

Musa Kamara 105 kg 133 kg 238 kg 1

77 kg Class

Ricky Gulyamov 128 kg 152 kg 280 kg 1

85 kg Class

Malek Chamoun 135 kg 170 kg 305 kg 1

Daniel Harris 115 kg 145 kg 260 kg 2

94 kg Class

S. Ribouem 145 kg 180 kg 325 kg 1

M. Del santo 135 kg 170 kg 305 kg 2

Zac Grgurevic 130 kg 162 kg 292 kg 3

B. Mulder 125 kg 165 kg 290 kg 4

J. Walz 128 kg 160 kg 288 kg 5

105 kg Class

R. Galsworthy 141 kg 170 kg 311 kg 1

A. Gulyamov 140 kg 165 kg 305 kg 2

P. Hardiman 125 kg 162 kg 287 kg 3

M. Mann 128 kg 158 kg 286 kg 4

105 + Kg

D. Kelly 155 kg 195 kg 350 kg 1**

A. kok 125 kg 150 kg 275 kg 2

** Had competed and won gold @ the Commonwealth games weeks before Snatch 176 kg and C & J 221 kg Total 397 Kg

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