Bulgarian lifters perform only high intensity training, not pulls at all…really?

The following study was presented by A. Medvedev in the 1997 magazine ” practice and theory of physical culture” (magazine # 7 of1997).The object of the study is FEMALE  lifters from China, Bulgaria and Russia.

Between 1987 and 1996 9 world championships took place , 729 medals were disputed (gold, silver,bronze). China won 230 medals, Bulgaria won 71 medals, third was Taiwan with 71 medals and Russia got only 3 medals, let’s keep in mind that Russia sent female lifters to a world championshiops in 1995 for the first time.

A. Medvedev decided to research the raeson of this big difference of sports performance between the above mentioned countries. He usedthe classification board of Starabutsev for masters of the sport, showing the number of repetition that each natioanl female team was performing during that time:

Volume of  loading of female lifter from China, Bulgaria and Russia. Mesocycles :preparatory and competitive.


Chinese lifters executed 12% more reps than Bulgarian lifters and 28% more than Russian lifters. In the number of repetitions with weights of 70% and up the Chinese lifters performed 37% more that Russian lifters, but only 3% more than the Bulgarians. These percentage of high volume type of training shows clearly that the high number of repetitions is the best way to GUARANTEE success on the world  stage . Now how can we increase the number of repetitions to adapt to this type of training? we can start but increasing the number of repetitions in weights under 70%. With this study A. Medvevev showed that to improve the performance of the Russian female lifters the had to increase the work of resistance strength as basis to develop other manifestations of muscular strength.

Next post: Variation of the loading between the preparatory and competitive mesocycles.

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9 thoughts on “Bulgarian lifters perform only high intensity training, not pulls at all…really?

  1. Shaun

    Interesting conclusions, the same author wrote an earlier article titled “Effect of Performance Enhancers” (on Sportivny Press site) in which the same conclusions were made about increasing the number of reps per set.

  2. Ivan

    Yes, Medvedyev has written many articles and books. This particular work was also presented in Lahti, Finland at the 1998 Worlds. Also, Dr Herrera used this as basis to plan the program for Gold medalist Isabel Urrutia.

  3. Manuel

    I think you need to separate the time that Ivan Abadjiev was head coach vs all of the other times to come to more valid conlcusions. He is very open about his system and has lectured on it. He has even stated that Bulgaria does not and has not followed his his system when he was not running things: http://youtu.be/IGpgcG-He5g


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