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The Height of the lifter for the right weight class is extremely important to achieve good competitive results. The height of the lifter needs to be appropiate for the right weight class. This well balanced ratio will result in better results.

Gaining body weight should be a well planned process keeping a good gain in muscle mass and controling the body fat compositon.

Our competitive athletes train in cycles of 12 weeks. The first thing we do is to measure the BFC and we expect the lifter to gain same weight by week 7 and lower the BFC a bit. Another control will be on week 10 and also week 12. Those controles of weight and BFC are done together with the tests of maximum lift we execute in that cycle.

We use this chart as reference (again there could be exceptions)

DIV 56 62 69 77 85 94 105 105
HEIGHT 4’9″ 5’2″ 5’4″ 5’5″ 5’6″ 5’7″ 5’8″ 6′
Diff +/- 1.18 Inch 1.18 Inch 1.18 Inch 1.18 Inch 1.18 Inch 1.18 Inch 1.18 Inch 1.96 Inch

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Lider 1 155


Split Jerk or Squat Jerk…that’s the question….

The Jerk is one of the most (if not the most) difficult lifts around.

Let’s see how hard it is :

to start we execute the jerk after cleaning a heavier weight than the snatch. If we focus and study the snatch we’ll find that elite lifters (world/Olympic level lifters) can lift as fast as 150-150 m/s (meter per second)when working with intensity zone 3 (70%-80% of max) and 120-130 with zone 5 (90%-100% of max) . Wow that’s fast….., but how about the Jerk ( with lots of more weight)what’s the speed of the bar? 250 m/s to 270 m/s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In order to achieve this speed we need to produce a great amount of power and technique needs to be perfect….which jerk is the most efficient?

I’m sure we’ll get tons of responses on this questions (mostly from Internet experts or as I call them overnight coaches with thousands of youtube video watching).

My answer to this question is: It’s really doesn’t matter…whatvever fits better to the lifter. We need to focus here in what is really important or what phase is important in the jerk.


The most important phase is HOW MUCH TIME LIFTER SPENDS at the bottom of the dip before initiating the drive. World and Olympic lifters (the likes of Dimas, Suleymanoglu, Taranenko, khkiasvillis,etc) spend anywhere between 0.04 to 0.08 seconds. It’s reported that the time of Yurik Vardanian (yes the father of our own Norik) was a pretty steady of 0.04 seconds. That explains his lifts of 224 Kgs at 82.5 Kg body weight.


Another important factor would be the angle of the legs in the dip (bottom of the dip) 165 degrees to 177 degrees…

By fixing or adjusting the position of the wrists we have increased the jerk of some international lifters. The wrists form and angle of 90 degrees with the ceiling…

BTW which would be the best exercise to improve the jerk:

The best extercise todo so is Jerks behinds the neck…how so?

Russian researches found out that in high levelinternational competitions the lift with the most misses was the C&J (77.3 % of all misses) the portion with highest misses was the Jerk (77.9 %).

They tried 6 differnt exrecises to fix this technical issue. The jerk behind the neck was the one with best results for the following reasons:

1.- Better control in lowering the time at the bottom of the dip (more power=more speed)

2.- The lifter uses his heels to prepare for the jerk and uses them in the drive

3.- Better  control of the position of the elbows to avoid the bar falling forward

4.- Better positioning of wrists

5.- Less injuries

6.- Can even use heavier weights!!!!!!!

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The Soviet System for Weightlifting….

The Soviet system for Weightlifting is based in the Hegelian dialectic principles:
Thesis Antithesis
And it was Philosophy students inspired by Marx and Engels ideas that started creating a training system for factory workers and farmers to get fit and ready to fight a revolution against the Tzar. The first equipment used was kettebells which is part of the national folklore and costume.
After the triumph of the revolution in 1917 and with the creation of the new Soviet Union this system was implemented very successfully in other sports.
The Main Specialists that founded the modern Russian Weightlifting System or Soviet Weightlifting System are:
Arkady Nikitich Vorobiev (1924- 2012) Alexey Medvedev Sidorovich (1927-2003)
Arkady Vorobiev. He won two Olympic golds (1956, 1960), was World champion four times (1954, 1955, 1957, 1958) ,and won silver in 1959 and bronze in 1961. Vorobiev was also three times European champion (1954, 1955, 1958), while taking silver in 1959 and bronze in 1961. He also set 21 middle-heavyweight world records – nine in snatch, three in clean and jerk, two in press, and seven in the total.
Vorobiev was not just a sportsman, but also a remarkable scientist. During his sports career, he graduated from the Medical Institute and defended a dissertation for the Candidate of Science degree afterwards, in 1962. In 1970, he defended a dissertation for the Doctor of Medical Science degree at the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine in Moscow. Since 1977, Vorobiev was the Rector of the Moscow Oblast Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. In 1995, was elected to the International Weightlifting Federation Hall of Fame.
His system was created by researching methods to prevent muscle loss on Cosmonauts. He promoted training with high intensity and low volume also research of recovery systems were conducted as well as medical methods.
Alexey Medvedev Sidorovich (1927-2003) was invited to many countries. He traveled to China many times, lecturing at Beijing University of physical culture, provided practical assistance to China’s weightlifting squad that received the title of Honorary Professor of Beijing University of physical education in 1957 and 1958, a. Medvedev wins the world title in the heavyweight category. The award he has received, for the first time in the history of the world of weightlifting. Alexander Medvedev, the first Soviet Weightlifters and third in the world reached a result 500 kg of Triathlon. 196, became the coach of the national team of the USSR on weightlifting. In 1964, for the preparation of 3 Olympic champions (A. Vahonina, R. Plufelderand , l. Jabotinsky) Alexander Medvedev worked as head of the weightlifting at the Russian State University of physical culture, sport and tourism. Under his leadership, the Department has done a lot to prepare for weightlifting specialists not only for Russia a from other countries: Cuba, China, Poland, Bulgaria, DPRK
Medvedev was a carpenter and he promoted High Volume and low intensity.
The famous Vasyli Alexeeved is the most outstanding example of the success of this system. From 1961 to 1967 his performance was poor and not Soviet team level. His training system was changed to high volume, training isolated muscles and lots of complexes with 40% to 70% of maximum result.
From 1967 to 1979 he came to dominate the Weightlifting world and become the lifter with the highest number of records broken in history.
One of the features of the Soviet regime was pragmatism..whatever worked was good so both Vorovieb and Medvediev were given carte blanche on training lifters provided they got results.
At Risto Sports we use the High volume system and we have been very successful. We have had lifters improving results greatly in matter of seconds.
Our lifter Chris Kenney(85 Kg class) started training with in November 2014 with a total of 205 kg by September his total was 275 kg. Ernie Premphe improved in a year 26 kg, 69 kg class(total was 219kg to 255kg). Jessica Weisman started with us in September 2014 and won the World masters Gold medal in Finland last month(her total was 135-140 and in Finland 166, since then she hs improved those numbers). Amylynn Frankel (48 kg class, 34 years old) went from 107 kg total to 128kg a couple of weeks ago.
We have many more examples and testimonials (please visit our facebook page for testimonial)that we can show and talk about.
We work with anybody willing to work with us either at the gym or remote training.

Coach Ivan head Coach of Team Panama for Toronto 2015

Coach Ivan is the Coach of team Panama for the 2015 Pan American games in Toronto. The lifters in the team are : Rocio Navarro Female 69Kg and Ariel Batista Male 69Kg. Both lifters have a lot of International experience.

Rocio has been training with us since February and Ariel arrived to Eliot, Maine last Saturday.

We expect great results from these lifters.rociothese amazing lifters.

Response to Gwen’s video from 2013 nationals by a member of the IWF technical committee

This is the response to the video I sent to Mr. Diego Martinez, member of the technical committee of the IWF.

Hi Ivan, as you know judging a lift at the time of execution depends on many   factors   , factors such as the lights, shadows, judge experience, fatigue among others, the video of a lift is not recommended to give a good opinion, since the reproduction frame by frame it’s a bit slower than the human eye and in most cases the lifts are seen as not valid lifts.

Moreover, in the video you send me it  is a bit difficult to see well both arms because it was taken from a diagonal and not straight, but I do see that she makes a motion with her shoulder and the elbow of that arm which I see it’s hyper extended. From what   I’ve seen in the video   I DON’T SEE, any fault in the movement. The anatomy of the shoulder and the elbow anatomy might have made seen the judges something to judge it as not valid.

Technical Committee


  • Sam COFFA



  • Reiko CHINEN


  • Alexander KURLOVICH


  • Abdullah AL JARMAL


  • Shakhrillo MAKHMUDOV


  • Stephen CANNON


  • Diego MARTINEZ


WOD for Olympic Weightlifting Week 12 Day 1


Week 12 Macrocycle I. Mesocycle III. Microcycle IV – Competition modeling or control test
Day 1 1.- Snatch 65%(2×3) 70%x3 75%x3 80%(3×3) 21 reps
2.- C&J 65%(2×3) 70%x3 75%x3 80%(3×3) 21 reps
3.- Back Squat 55%x5 60%x5 65%x4 70%x3 75%x3 80%x3 29 reps
4.- Snatch pull 90%(2×3) 93%(2×3) 12 reps
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