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National Youth Champion to Compete for Team USA today, webcast!

Gwendolyn Rojas, of Risto Sports, will compete today for Team USA. She competed at her first Youth Nationals, ever, in June, where she won both the 11&under and 13&under 44kg weight classes.

Her total at Youth Nationals ranked her NUMBER 1 , overall, in the entire USA for 13&under girls.

Her coach, Ivan Rojas, of Risto Sports, was appointed the Coach of the 13&Under Girls National Team.

You can watch her win gold for Team USA, today, October 17, 2014, at 4PM EST at this link:

This is an International competition and is sanctioned by the IWF. IT is being held at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

Watch LG snatching over bodyweight and winning Nationals


Response to Gwen’s video from 2013 nationals by a member of the IWF technical committee

This is the response to the video I sent to Mr. Diego Martinez, member of the technical committee of the IWF.

Hi Ivan, as you know judging a lift at the time of execution depends on many   factors   , factors such as the lights, shadows, judge experience, fatigue among others, the video of a lift is not recommended to give a good opinion, since the reproduction frame by frame it’s a bit slower than the human eye and in most cases the lifts are seen as not valid lifts.

Moreover, in the video you send me it  is a bit difficult to see well both arms because it was taken from a diagonal and not straight, but I do see that she makes a motion with her shoulder and the elbow of that arm which I see it’s hyper extended. From what   I’ve seen in the video   I DON’T SEE, any fault in the movement. The anatomy of the shoulder and the elbow anatomy might have made seen the judges something to judge it as not valid.

Technical Committee


  • Sam COFFA



  • Reiko CHINEN


  • Alexander KURLOVICH


  • Abdullah AL JARMAL


  • Shakhrillo MAKHMUDOV


  • Stephen CANNON


  • Diego MARTINEZ


How we Trained Colombian lifter Vanessa Quinonez to compete at the Arnold 2014

Vanessa Quinonez of Colombia competed in the Junior Weightlifting World Championships in 2013 in Lima, Peru. Her results were 78 kg in Snatch and 98 kg in C & J in the 58 Kg weight class.

Vanessa arrived in the USA in January  and trained under coach Ivan’s directions for 7 weeks. The weather wasn’t the best as we saw below zero temperatures several times and alas lots of snow.

Getting Vanessa used to this drastic change of weather was our first task. A good dosage of vitamin C was given to her on a daily basis and we made sure she was constantly well bundle up.

In the first week we noticed the technical areas we had to focus on: Vanessa jumped backwards in the snatch, didn’t complete the pull and the very important phase of the bar passing the knee wasn’t as we wanted to be.

Her leg strength wasn’t enough to increase results so we needed to increase her 135 kg max back squat to 145 kg .

She was used to train with high intensity and also medium high intensity, but hasn’t worked much with strictly high volume and under fatigue condition.

To adjust her technical flaws we did a lot of work with an empty bar having her perform lots of snatches on the gym floor with her heels butted against the edges of the platform. Lots of pulls with empty bar from below her knees to her tights paying attention to having her curl her wrists inside.

Another drill we did was to do a lot of snatches ad cleans with empty bar standing on a 2 x 4 piece of wood.

The above exercises and drills were mostly for the Snatch. For the Jerk we did tons of reps with empty bar having the bar at chin level and finish the jerk.

To get any respectable results and have a shot to win the Arnold we needed to get the following lifts:

Back Squat 145 Kg

3 Front squats with 105 Kg to 110 Kg

Power Snatch 65 kg to 70 kg

Power Clean 80 g to 82 kg

Since we knew she would compete on a Sunday we decided to work on 2 daily sessions as follows;

Tuesday to Sunday. Day off Monday

10:00 AM Squats and Snatch pulls

12:30 Lunch

6:00   Snatch and C & J exercises

Technical drills

For supplementation she took pre and post workout protein shakes, Arginine, creatine, Vitamin B and Vitamin c, carnitine. Nutrition was based in lean meats, dairy, eggs, rice and fruits (must admit she loves chocolate).

Prior to the Arnold she competed at the Atlantic States Open where she took the best lifter award with these lifts:

Snatch 70 kg, 75 kg and 80 kg

C & J     90 kg, 95 kg and 100 kg

This meet was the only time we went really heavy as most of the time the lifts were within 70% to 85%

At the Arnold the only competition we face was Olympian Lydia Valentin who finished winning the first place and Vanessa won the 2nd place.

Her lifts were:

Snatch  77 kg  81 kg 81 kg

C & J     100 kg 105 kg 107 kg (missed the jerk)

Total     186 kg @ 54 kg of body weight.

The following is the chart of the numbers of repetitions in the different intensity zones:


WEEK 1 113 REPS 110 REPS 162 REPS 48 REPS 437 REPS 70% – 80% 85%
WEEK 2 96 REPS 96 REPS 140 REPS 37 REPS 370 REPS 75% – 85% 90%
WEEK 3 132 REPS 132 REPS 193 REPS 50 REPS 508 REPS 75% – 90% 90%
WEEK 4 112 REPS 112 REPS 193 REPS 43 REPS 431 REPS 75% – 92% 95%
WEEK 5 122 REPS 127 REPS 203 REPS 54 REPS 506 REPS 80% – 87% 95%
WEEK 6 107 REPS 112 REPS 169 REPS 48 REPS 436 REPS 83% – 85% 95%
WEEK 7 103 REPS 107 REPS 120 REPS 30 REPS 360 REPS 75% – 100%/105% 85%
TOTAL 785 REPS 796 REPS 1180 REPS 310 REPS 3048 REPS




WOD for O Weightlifting Week 7 day 1

Week 7 Macrocycle I, Mesocycle II, Microcycle III
Day 1 1.-Hang Snatch 60%(2×3) 65%x3 70%x3 75%(3×3) 21 reps
2.- p Cl +PJ 55%x3 60%x3 65%x3 70%x3 75%x3 80%x3 24 reps
3.- Back squat 60%x5 65%x5 70%x5 75%x4 80%x4 83%(2×3) 29 reps
4.- Santch Pulls 90%(2×3) 95%(2×3) 12 reps

WOD for O Weightlifting Week 6 Day 6

Day 6 1.- Snatch 65%x3 70%(2×3) 75%x3 80%x3 85%x2 21 reps
90%x2 95%(2×1)
2.- C & J 65%x3 70%(2×3) 75%x3 80%x2 85%x2 23 reps
90%x2 95%x1 97%x1
3.- Back Squat 50%x4 55%x4 60%x4 65%x4 70%x3  32 reps
75%x3 80%x3 85%x2 90%x1 95%x1
4.- Snatch pull 85%(2×3) 90%(2×3) 12 reps
Obs Micrcycle of prep. 436 reps. Snatch 107, C&J 112,squats 169, pulls 48
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