Day 1& 2 South American Games

Day 1

Women’s lifting

48kg – Besti Rivas of Venezuela wins with around a 170 total

53kg- Great showing by Ecuador lifter totaling around  162kg.  Colombia locked up second place easily with 181.  Venezuala, winning with her opening clean and jerk, failed to jerk her second and third attempts. Her coach did not seem happy.  Interestingly, most lifters do not pass their thrid attempts when they have already one.    Totals ranged from 125kg to over 180kg.

Men’s lifting:

56kg – new international rule if not a full weight class is entered only 1st and 2nd place are rewarded. Feel bad for the would be bronze medalist in this class

62- Deigo Salazar does a light total to win


Women’s lifting:

58KG- Lifters break the 200kg mark

Colombians dominate, with good showing form VEN and Ecuador. Jackelina Heredia and newer Colombian lifter hit about 212+ total

63kg- Colombia dominates again with Mercedes Perez in close second to her COL teammate. Over 220KG total.


69kg – quite a few guys hitting double bodyweight snatches

Doiler Sanchez of colombia looked to be a win for sure.  However, missing a jerk, Venezuela was able to take advantage and  squeeze in a tight victory.

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