Day 3- Leidy Solis of COL, 69kg, incredible lifting

As you know, we sponsor Leidy Solis. However, trying to speak objectively, she delivered the best performance, so far, of women’s lifitng in the Games.

She opened with an easy 104, then 108, then wicked easy 110kg snatch.  Clean and jerks were the same story. With all other lifters finished in distant second and thrid places, she opens with an easy 130kg.  Then an easy 135 then 138kg for good show.  The crowd was wild.  Even a Colombian  presidential candidate was in attendance to see Leidy lift.  Her performance was shown, again, on TV later that night.

248kg total in women’s 69kg. 

Click on this link for quicktime video:


Also of interest is the strategy used by the coach of the Argentinian lifter in 3rd place.  A lifter from Ecuador and Chile seemed to be battling it out for 3rd with each taking 110KG.  They both missed jertks, ecuasdor looked a lot stronger cleaning bothe Attempts. 

BUT–  low and behold, an ARG lifter had an attempt left at 111kg.  How interesting. The coach let the other 2 lifters duke it out at 110kg and put his lifters attempt 1 kg higher. If either CHI or ECU were scuccessful, he could then raise his lifters weight to a higher  number. I think the other coached may have written off the ARG lifter, as her opener at 106 looked weak. But, she really brought it when 111kg was put on the bar!!

Brazialian  lifter in second almost bombed out. She only needed her openers to placxe a distant csecond from Leidy Solis.

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  1. Will Werner

    Ivan and Gwen, you guys have some really cool travels! I sent a couple emails to regarding Coach Ivan’s advice for programming but I wasn’t sure whether you could access that email account while you were away. I was hoping he’d send my this week’s program out today but he must have been busy and forgot. Change exercises? intensity? Drop me an email let me know, I can send him last weeks program if he needs a reference.

    Take Care!


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