Diet and lifting

Today, I’m off from training …. So, on my mind is on diet!

Fortunately, I have been close weight , even with eating chocolate! Not that I’ve haven’t made some sacrifices. I have to eat within +/- 200 calories a day, that’s like cutting-out one latte a day.

Seriously, I have been doing a low starch/high protein/high fiber diet. I’m getting in about 1gram of protein per pound of muscle a day. Still, there exists a dilemma: I have limited calories to eat in a day, yet I need to get in a lot of protien. When faced with the choice of eating 200 calories of pizza or 200 calories of chicken, I’m probably going with the chicken.

Losing bodyfat is just a matter of strict discipline; ofcourse, easier said than done. Between spending time on a college campus and 40 hours a week in an engineering office, I dodge a plethora of free pizza, donuts, and girl scout cookies on a daily basis.

I’ll write more on this later.

2 thoughts on “Diet and lifting

  1. Chelsey

    If you’re passing up on any thin mints or samoas in the office, then be sure to send them my way!
    It looks great, keep up the good work!!!


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