Don’t drag your feet in the gym

Today, I had a good workout. Did sets with 60 in the snatch, some power snatches, and front squats. Front squats were light; I did doubles with 80.

Though the first half, I was dragging. There is a difference between working out and doing your workout. It is so important not to let the commute home, the work/school week, and other distractions (I’ve had nagging pain in my SI joint left over from someone rear-ending our car a few months ago…ugghh) wear you out before a workout. In order too succeed, you need drive everyday, every workout.

So, I may have “done” my snatches at the beginning of my workout, but I didn’t pull as hard or be as explosive as I could be. That’s when my husband/coach comes in. He gave me a reality check, and,well, I brought the “fire”for the remainder of the workout. Just like Rocky, you got to have the “Eye of the tiger”.

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