Eye of the Tiger and other Rocky references

It’s less than one week till the meet!

My SI joint and rhomboid have been coming along. I started hitting the heavier weights again this past Sunday.

Today’s workout, my husband had me do power snatches and power clean and jerks. My technique felt fantastic; it’s hard to explain other than I was just hitting the lifts in the right spot each time. The bar’s trajectory and acceleration was just perfect.

Now, comes the fun part .. the stay focused/eye of the tiger/be tough part … not getting seriously injured, staying-on weight, keeping proper intensity in workouts, and controlling the mental anticipation until Saturday.

In terms of te competition:
I’m so excited. I just want to go out there and hit some Personal Records. I am prepared, I’m strong, and I just have to do it. EXECUTE!

As I get closer to the meet, I’ll really need to keep focused on my lifting. I think that mental aspect is the key to having a good day. Eliminate unnecessary stress, like the snow storm that’s supposed to hit New England Thursday…I’ll just have to get to the airport real early on Friday.

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