Farewell Adistars, Hello Botev’s, more on Bulgaria

It’s the US nationals/Arnold Expo this weekend. Assuming they make it through the meet, this will be my last meet wearing the Adistars =)

Best to all competing this weekend.

Posts on Bulgaria will continue after nationals.

7 thoughts on “Farewell Adistars, Hello Botev’s, more on Bulgaria

  1. sarena

    Thanks and we spoke too. he is awesome and my coach says he is one of the best!!! I hope to met up with you guys in Moorestown on 3/23. pls let me know if you are really coming that sunday!!

  2. Eric

    i have the VS athletic WL Shoe (new model), how does the heel of the Botevs compare? is it higher or lower?
    cheers and good luck

  3. Gwen Sisto

    Send me an email for specifics- gsisto@mit.edu If you are interested, I’d be glad to measure them both.

    I will mention:
    Before starting Botev Sports, we had helped purchase VS athletics shoes for several of our weightlifting kids. Having both the Botev’s and VS athletics in my gym’s shoe rack — in studying the heel heights other aspects– like Botev’s superior engineering of the sole, arch, and instep– come into play. It’s like comparing a Ford Focus to a Ford Mustang…or maybe a KIA Spectra to a Toyota Avalon.

  4. sarena

    When we meet next weekend, can you help me determine if I should get a new pair of WL shoes please? I already upped from the VS to the Adistar and I have only been at this for several months!! Ouch, my wallet!


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