Introducing- Tuba Tony, World’s Strongest Tuba player

Risto Sports proudly welcomes the addition of Tony Blanksteen to our staff — AKA “Tuba Tony”. Tony joins our Team in the office and on the platform. Tony will be persuing his weightlifting dreams while working for Risto Sports.

Tony is a classically trained Tuba player and has a Master’s Degree in Music from UMASS Amherst. Tony’s professional experience aslo includes teaching music at public schools. We really look forward to the professionalism that Tony will add to our customer service team.

More importantly, Tony will be training twice a day under the coaching expertise of Ivan Rojas. Ivan fully anticipates Tony to sky rocket in his results. (Risto sports exists for athletes, when lifting is on the same level as work, our products get better as we understand the athlete’s needs better).

We are happy to help an athlete train fulltime while improving the Risto Sports operations.

FYI: Tony welcomes any classically trained Tuba player to challenge him on his claim as World’s Strongest Tuba player

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