Landmines and goldmines

First the goldmine: Yesterday, I had an awesome workout. I did a slew of doubles with 80kg in the front squat, followed by more doubles at 70. …And it was light!! … And I was tired ( it was after 9PM, long story)!

I haven’t front squatted 80kg, so easily, since I weighed 69kg. Yes, I used to compete at a weight class 30 lbs heavier than I am now.In terms of bodyweight, I was on weight again this morning.

Still, sometimes I wonder if I spend more time focusing on my bodyweight than my lifting technique. .. and hence I’ll segway into today’ds potential landmine:

Today my co-workers and I are taking our manager out for a farewell lunch.
Engineer Farewell Lunch: engineer/professional ritual occurring when manager and/or
co-worker moves to a different group with in or leaves the company. The group takes leaving party out to lunch (group= organization within co. structure).
My theory is that we are really creating a sort of ” Free-lunch Kharma” – what goes around
comes around. In this case, gourmet food.

So why is this a potential landmine?
Restuarant food is a total blackbox. I could order something “grilled” and still wind-up eating a days worth of calories in 1 meal (1200 calories)!

Fortunately, We are:
A. Not going to a chain restaurant -> higher quality food = less calories
B. Going to a trendy Thai place = lower cal, small portions, spicy

On top of this, my kind co-workers brought in boxes of Bakery quality muffins and cinnomin rolls — Not the “partially-hydrogenated-transfat chain donut place ” kind, in front of me are “the New Englander, family-owned since 1901 bakery” kind of pastries. All I can say is, I got a mug of green tea and 1/4 protein bar to stave me over till lunch.

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