Leidy Solis- JR world Champion, wears Risto

Leidy Solis lifts for the Colombian National Team and competed at the 2008 Olympic Games. She is currentty in a training camp for the PAN AM Championships, this June in Chicago. Her short term goal is to win the Senior Word Championships, with sights on winning the 2012 Olympic Games. She is a very serious athlete and, hence, demanding with her equipment. We are proud to help her meet her next set of goals by designing and manufacturing custom shoes and singlets to meet her needs.

2 thoughts on “Leidy Solis- JR world Champion, wears Risto

  1. Anonymous

    Wow…since when did this site become all about selling products? It’s great your selling these products, but this is overkill. Come on get back into blogging about training and your travels as well!

  2. Gwen Sisto

    We never charge for training of our athletes: we take athletes to competitions, we’ve paid their membership and entries, we buy equipment for training…we sponsor two athletes in a developing country……This all costs money.

    Anyhow, thanks for caring about my blogging. I have been so busy at the end of the semester as well as my day job…that I think anything I’d blog about would just be all about me whining!!! ha ha ha


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