Lifting shoes news…..

We are pleased to inform that we are making custom made shoes again. With the worlds in Turkey we had to stop for a while. You can choose any color or color combination, material (leather, mesh,suede,etc),personalization and your own logo. To order visit our site:

3 thoughts on “Lifting shoes news…..

  1. Iain Douglas

    Ivan and Gwen,
    Hope that all is well.
    Can you give me more particulars about this (White Thunder) shoe?
    (sizes, fit, availability)
    Do you have a seller in Canada?

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment. They should be in 1.5 weeks. No, we do not have a Canadian distributor. We do ship to Canada, and have group rates.

      We should have full sizing available (size 5 -13 US). We’re trying out US sizes on this one versus the Colombian sizes we use on our other models. They are to be light but sturd leather, intricate design, and wood heel.


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