More custom made shoes

The outback shoe...Any color, style, material combination, team, affinity, heel height we’ll make for you.

Every pair of shoes is carefully designed and entirely handcrafted. We only use leather of the highest quality and we double stiched for extra durability. The inside will fit like a soft glove while the functionality of the shoe will increase your lifts and your totals….

Go Patriots.....

4 thoughts on “More custom made shoes

    1. Gwen

      Sal, we are currently doing group orders or simple modifications to the current design.
      1. Customers are impatient with lead times. For example, we publish a lead tiem of 6 months, and often receive customer complaints that they are still waiting for their custom shoes when only 2 months have passed.
      2. Customer desires unarticulated at time of order. Some of our personal favorites are: embroidery lettering to be placed right to left and vertically reflected so that shoe wearer can read while wearing shoes (our shop traditionally embroiders right to left), intentionally misspelled words (and our shop corrects the spelling), customer receives shoe and requests minor variations in leather shade such as Teal versus Blue-Green, very intricate logos with 6 point font lettering that we interpolate into an emboridered logo on the shoe.

      In a nutshell, to get a good custom shoe you either need to be willing to take the time to fully nail down the design or give us a guidleine to play with and let our shop execute the vision for you. Hence, the process works best for either (1) group orders, where the customer’s party has a clear vision — or– (2) very simple, easy to understand tweaks to the current shoe design for one customer.

      If there is something I can do for you, then please let me know.


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