More on Colombia, training observations

Back to lifting, the training system:

Though lifters will perform different percentages and exercises depending on the point in their training cycle, some generalizable characteristics of the Colombian training system can be gleaned at any point in the training cycle.

So then, what are these?

Well, first off, the Colombians, at any of the sites we visited, performed many muscle snatches, power snatches, and power cleans. They also squatted at least once a day and did both front and back squats. These characteristics are very typical of the Cuban system.

These Cuban influences are likely due to the fact the prior National coaches of Colombia were form Cuba. For example, Madrigal, presently the Cuban National weightlifting coach, coached in Colombia for many years. So, even though the current National coach, Gancho is from Bulgaria, one can still see the Cuban influences left by Madrigal and other prior Cuban coaches.

Going back to my prior post, the national team coach is from Bulgaria. Interestingly, the national team trained for the Olympics in Bulgaria. The organizing system, also mentioned in my last post, also shows Bulgarian influence, particularly how teams may be chosen based on in-training results reported by training centers. Meanwhile, the highest level lifters, the Elite lifters, live and train fulltime at the National training Center located in Cali.


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