Ordering shoes in next months?

Please post your shoe size to this post’s comments. The purpose is to right size our inventory. This will enable us to keep prices down, especially with the US dollar’s volatility.

9 thoughts on “Ordering shoes in next months?

  1. sarena

    Sent an email the other day re: nutrition/weight control/loss. Any thoughts??
    Wpuld love to order shoes but in the budget now.

    Will you by chance be at the Sacred heart Oly meet in CT on April 13th?

  2. Gwen Sisto


    I have collegiate nationals that weekend in Reno, NV. Otherwise, I would go as CT as its close to us.

    Ivan did not receive you email, please try my address at gsisto@netscape.net ..and I’ll get it to him.

    Are you in New England? You could always come down and train at our place sometime.

  3. Gwen Sisto


    Please email me for exact pricing at gsisto@mit.edu

    Shoes are about $120 USD and straps are about $12 USD.

    Shipping is intended to be at cost and, hence, depends on quantities and shipping address — or if you prefer to pick-up shoes yourself.

  4. Gwen Sisto

    It is about promoting the sport.

    It is about, when my husbnd and I train kids for free– Kids who dont have cash for $200 shoes.

    It is about doing something for Maine, one of the poorest states in the country.

    It is about doing business with a small country that is up and coming- Bulgaria.

    It is not about profiteering, but about creating mutalistic value propositions which result in win-win scenarios for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

    It is also about being tired of being LIED to about what it takes to be an athlete, about Bulgarian training system. –Seeing so called experts charge good money for “bulgarian training programs” having NEVER even been to Bulgaria.

    It is also about an experiment in enterprise architecting use Lean and stakeholder theory.

    If you want to chat you have all my contact info.

    Have Fantastic day!


  5. sarena

    Here goes Olifting!! I am in Switzerland in a Alpine village and found an awesome spot to lift. I was told one must be an athlete to use it!! No problem there, I just said I am a competitive Olympic weightlifter. I have a pass for Mon (no charge). Checked the palce out on friday and there are bars , sq stands, tons of bumpers, even kettlebells and pullup stations. Very little emphasis on the machinery there! YEah~


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