Risto Equipment- Concept

As you may know, we started selling weightlifting equipment to help promote the sport…and for fun. Once again, we are looking to add more quality products that can satisfy the varying needs of all our customers. We are starting a new brand (not Stefan Botev brand).

The thought being, we can control the materials, color, manufacturing, and design to dynamically respond to customer requests. We believe that the customer should pull the value from us– in other words, produce what the customer needs and wants…..

Most importantly, the design incorporates input from weightlifting experts (even some former Bulgarian lifters now coaching in South America)

9 thoughts on “Risto Equipment- Concept

  1. Gwen Sisto

    They should be under 120. Discounts for people who prepay orders– I pass inventory savings on to you— while shoes go into first production.

    The shoes are hand made, so DEC/JAN time frame.

  2. Gwen Sisto

    They are different concepts.

    The comfy shoe:
    The new Botev is like wearing leather wrapped around your foot. It is very light weight, it does not hold shape. lower heel, east european feel. The shoe is vinyl with white leather, hand worked leather.

    The classic shoe:
    The Risto holds it’s form. It is a heavier shoe, thicker leather. it needs to be broken in and form to your feet. higher heel. The shoe is all leather and hand made.

  3. Gwen Sisto

    What is your size? Post it here or email me at gsisto@mit.edu.

    Please understand our pricing philosophy.
    To keep costs low, we do not carry lots of inventory. Hence, to make sure we are carrying your size, let me know what EU size you plan to order. We are in production now.

    Any shoes not stocked would wind up being more expensive (ie if we had to make one pair special vs if you placed an order now).

    This is a service for the sports community, so, please, feel free to contact me with your interest. I want to make products that people want…. =)

  4. Kirsten

    Hey Gwen,

    Do you still have pink weightlifting shoes? i live in Australia, can they be shipped overseas?


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