Risto Olimpico – New Model Drops November 6

Risto Sports is proud to announce the luanching of our new model: The Risto Olimpico:

The elite weightlifting shoe: Hand made leather upper and interior, solid wood heel, natural rubber outsole, flexible forefoot to improve jerks.












As mentioned in our July 15, 2012 blog post, Risto Sports worked with a NYC designer, Storm Lewis, to develop a new and, even better model (http://www.ristosports.com/blog/?p=452).  Well, moths of work ensued to bring the Olimpico to life.  This included – finding a new manufacturing site,  developing improved manufacturing methods, upgrading styling, adding performance features,  improve long term durability of the shoe, and continuing to improve the overall quality and value of the shoe.

Why you should buy this shoe?

1. It will make you lift more!   It’s designed by weightlifting experts and will outperform any flat sole shoe.

2. Hard wood heel insert, at a height that is optimized for hitting max snatches, clean and jerks, and squats.

3. Hand made in fair trade* conditions, by the only female run factory in Ecuador, in the America’s- just watch here:

4. Full leather upper ( Leather interior and exterior upper), for supreme fit that will improve over the lifetime of the shoe

5. Way cheaper than the big brands.  The Risto’s are priced more than $20 less than the big brands.

What  is different from our previous models?

1. It is lighter, because CrossFitters like light shoes.

2.  Super flexible forefoot to improve jerks and decrease break-in time:

Natural rubber is better than plastic


3. Even more green footprint.

These models are made in Ecuador and are locally sourced. The leather, wood, and natural rubber all come from the area, reducing the carbon footprint.

4. No more metal eyelets on the exterior of the shoe.

Eyelets are only visible on the interior of the upper and not exposed on the exterior.  This prevents them from damage and increases durability of shoe.

5. Improved drying methods extend life of the shoe exterior sole

Due to improved drying techniques, the seal between the rubber exterior footing and the wood heel is more durable.

To celebrate Election Day, the Risto Olimpico will be available for pre-sale Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

*Important Note: Currently, there are no Fair Trade organizations which certify products like weightlifting shoes. Hence, we have not sought fair trade certification.

6 thoughts on “Risto Olimpico – New Model Drops November 6

  1. fatlifts

    what would you recommend for a person that typically wears wide shoes (2E)? will these shoes suffice?

    approximately how long until these will be available for shipping, if I order a pair now?

    1. Risto Sports Post author

      This model is wider than our current model. This shoe should be fine for you. Just order your normal size in sneakers or tennis shoes. Go by your current US men’s size in most shoes.

      Of course, since the upper interior and exterior are both leather, the shoes will stretch to your foot– a real advantage for wider feet.

      Shoes will be in end of November- early December. They will sell out fast, so reserve yours now.
      Yes, these shoes work for narrow feet too as the laces can be tightened.

  2. Brett

    I would like to know how the heel height compares to the old White Thunder shoes that I currently have. They appear to be lower which would be good for me.


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