Seminar SAT, Discount price!

Come to Risto Sports at :

384 HL Dow Highway

Suite 19

Eliot, ME 03903

(see google maps for exact location, most other programs and GPS have wrong location)

We are 1 hour north of Boston.

From 8-5 on SAT the 13th, Dr Herrera will teach you how to write a weightlifting program Soviet Style. Like I always say, if you’re going to learn something, you should learn from the best. We can all sharpen our skills to reach a new level of greatness. Life is all about continuous improvement, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, learn from the best and build on it.

Did I mention this is also 2 miles form the Portsmouth Airshow in Portsmouth, NH and the Maine barb b que fest in Eliot, ME. In other words, you have at least 2 other excuses to spend the day or weekend in Maine!!!

Pricing is 15% off $125 or reduced price of $106.25 for online orders:

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