Shoe care

People have lifted over 400lbs in our shoes, for years with normal weasr in the shoes.  Even so, every product has its cryptonite.  The purpose of this post is to give you tips to extending the lift of your Risto shoes.

1. Keep them dry

Ever wear your leather jacket or leather pumps out in the rain? Needless to say, its not a good idea. Likewise, I wouldn’t leave my  guitar or violin out in the rain or in a humid or damp place.  Your Risto shoes are made of similarly high quality leather as dress shoes as well as authentic wood heels.  So, dont shovel snow or run walk in the rain with them.

2.  Lift on the heels, not the sides

The heel of the shoes are designed to take thousands of heavy repetitions– in compression– the same forces and motions performed when you lift. That being said, scraping the sides of the heels and uppers will wear your shoes out faster.  It is best to avoid loading the bar with your feet or adjusting the position of the bar on the platform with the heel of your shoe.   Gouging and scraping motions on the sides of the heel of the heel will wear the heel seam.  Abusing the heel seam can cuase separation of the rubber sole from the wood insert.  This should similarly be avoided on the leatje upper to maintain the beautiful finish.

3. Use them for their purpose

I would not walk around in ice skates nor would I walk around town in a pair of cleets.  Similarly, I would not go rock climbing in my lifting shoes. I For extended life of the shoes, change your shoes when you stop lifitng. OK, I admit it, a few times I erged in my lifting shoes, and I normally chage into my sneakers otherwise.  For maximum life, wear them only on the lifting platform.

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