After the long and arduous process of bringing high quality, hand crafted shoes from Bulgaria- land of multi-weightlifting champions — the shoes are finally in MAINE!!

Feel free to place your orders, we accept all major credit cards and checks in USD.

We are also glad to now be a distributor of Werksan products as well.

I’m really excited about these shoes. They truly have that individually crafted look, small nuances, each piece finished with care… not a mass-produced out of a mold look. Just makes the hassle of going through US customs, cargo pickups (lost shoes ugghhh), etc, etc… worth it

Enjoy and hope to hear from you!!

2 thoughts on “SHOES ARE IN STOCK

  1. sarena

    Best of luck with the sales. I wish I could try them at some point but I already bought 2 pair of Oly shoes in less than a year!!

    Btw, I really LOVE Nick as a coach. Lifted with him 2x already and PRd the first night on my jerk!

    Pls let me know when you will be next in this area!

  2. Gwen Sisto

    Thanks Serena. I’m so glad to hear your training is improving.

    I’ll let you know… probably before Olympic Trials


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