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Boston Marathon – We’re with you Boston.

We want to extend our condolences to everyone affected by the events this past week in the Boston area. We want to thank law enforcement for bringing this week long tragedy to a close.

We are a New England company.  And, we are very idealistic. We believe we can make the world a better place through weightlifting shoes as well as the sport of weightlifting itself.   We think any product you buy should make you better in some way, and we think the people making the products should be treated with dignity…and that high quality products can still be made in the USA at a market competitive price.

In effect,  it is really hard to believe that anyone would want to bomb Boston. It is hard to believe that, just a short drive from us, a fire fight went down from MIT to Watertown.  A place we’ve lived, worked, and went to school.

Like Boston, we move forward.  We continue to believe that the positive light that each of us brings to the world shall conquer the darkness we’ve witnessed.

Paul Revere Statue, bathed in light, North End, Boston

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Risto Sports