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WOD for Olympic Weightlifting Week 8 Day 6

Day 6 1.- Snatch 65%x3 70%(2×3) 75%x3 80%x3 85%x2 90%x2 95%x1 20 reps
2.- C & J 50%x3 55%(2×3) 60%x3 65%x3 70%x2 75%x2 80%x2 24 reps
85%x1 90%x1 95%x1 100%x1
3.- Back Squat 50%x4 55%x4 60%x4 65%x4 70%x3 75%x3 80%x3
85%x2 90%x2 95%x1 100%x1
4.- Snatch pull 90%(2×3) 95%(2×3) 12 reps
Obs Microcycle of preparation. 459 reps. Snatch 116 reps. C & J 123 reps. Squats 169 reps. Pulls 51 reps

WOD for O Weightlifting Week 8 Day 1

Week 8 Macrocycle I, Mesocycle II, Microcycle IV
Day 1 1.-Power Snatch 70%(2×3) 75%x3 80%x3 83%(3×3) 21 reps
2.-P Clean+P Jerk 60%x3 65%(2×3) 70%x3 75%x3 80%(2×3) 21 reps
3.-Back Squat 60%x5 65%x5 70%x5 75%x3 80%x3 85%x3 87%(2×3) 30 reps
4.- Snatch pull 90%(2×3) 95%(3×3) 12 reps

Famous Athletes that have worked with Risto Sports

Because you asked, here’s a list of famous athlete’s who have trained at Risto Sports with Coach Ivan Rojas:
Annie Thorisdottir, CrossFit Games Champion
Diego Salazar, Olympic Silver Medalist, weightlifting
Maryam Usman, Bronze medalist at Weightlifting world championships
Carlos Andica, weightlifting Pan Am Record holder, 205KG clean and jerk at 85kg
Johnny Andica, weightlifting Pan Am Champion
Luz Mercedes Acosta 5th in the Olympics, weightlifting
Gwendolyn Sisto, US Olympic Trials, weightlifting, 5th World University Championships
Lesbia Cruz, Guatemalan National Team, weightlifting
Javier Castillo, Guatemalan National Team, weightlifting

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