The shoes-rumors, questions, myths

I figured I would write another post on the shoes offered, the Risto’s and the Botev’s.

The shoes are all about Fit. What gives each shoe its character is the way it is designed to fit your foot, hence enable your performance. For example, both brands are hand cut leather and are still very different shoes.

The idea behind the Risto’s is make shoes in colors that people want to wear, high quality, and fit well. So, I want to make shoes that people want to buy, since not everyone needs the same product. Order exactly what you want the first time, versus mulling through different shoe brands. When the customer pulls the value, everyone wins.

By the way, with the Risto’s we can now do larger sizes. Really, I felt bad all those times a customer called to order a Botev, only to find out our biggest size was a 13/EU 47. So, we can now help our bigger footed friends in the lifting shoes department.

Going forward, we will have a limited supply of Botev’s. To clarify, the new model also has a wood heel.

So feel free to email me for a brochure, leave comments (not too many flamers though ha ha 😉 … you know “feedback”- what you are looking for in a shoe. Even if you just want to do some fact finding on the shoes…just let me know your objective.

This isn’t my day job; the point of all this is to help massify strength sports.. we’re an underserved market.

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