WOD for O Lifting Week 4 Day 5

1.- Snatch 65%x3 70%(2×3) 75%x3 80%x3 83%x3 18 reps
2.- C & J 60%x3 65%(2×3) 70%x3 75%x3 80%x3 18 reps
3.- Back Squat 55%x5 60%x5 65%x5 70%x4 75%x3 80%x3 83%x3 28 reps
4.- Snatch Pulls 85%(2×3) 90%(2×3) 12 reps

One thought on “WOD for O Lifting Week 4 Day 5

  1. Israel Gonzalez

    1/31/14 Week 4/Day 5
    A- WU- PVC Warm Up
    B- Snatch- WU- 3@20/45 + WS- 3@51=65/55=70/55=70/60=75/63=80/66kg=83%
    C- Clean & Jerk- 3@55=60/60=65/60=65/65=70/70=75/75=80
    D- Squat- 5@170=55/185=60/205=65/217=70/232=75/250=80/258lb=83%
    E- Snatch Pull- 3/3@67=85/71kg=90%
    F- Glute Ham Curl- 5/5/5/5/5 + Reverse Hyper Swings- 20/20/20/20@90lbs


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