One thought on “WOD for O Weightlifting Week 7 Day 6

  1. Israel Gonzalez

    A- WU- 10 Minutes of Barbell Work.
    B- Snatch- WU- 5@20/3@40/50 + WS- 3@52=65/56=70/60=75/69=87/+2@68=85/+1@72=90/76=95/80=100% (match+no misses)
    C- Clean & Jerk- WU- 3@60 + WS- 3@65/70/75/87/+2@85/+1@90/95/100KG=103% (+3KG PR+no misses :)
    D- GH Curl- 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5
    Thank you very much General Meng Yi, Gwen and Elio, your programming has really improved my game!


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