One thought on “WOD for Olympic Weightlifting Week 8 Day 4

  1. Israel Gonzalez

    Week 8/Day 4 4/8/14
    A- WU- 800M Run= 3:48 @ 80% RPE + The Dot Drill
    B- Power Snatch- WU- 5@20+3@40/45/50 + WS- 3/3@56=70 + 3@60=75 + 3/3@64=80 + 3@66kg=83%
    C- Power Clean + Power Jerk- 3@60=60/65=65/70=70/75=75/80=80 + 2@85 + 1 Fail + 1@85 + /3@85kg=85% (had to split the last 3 jerks/too slow and tired to get under the power jerk :( )
    D- Front Squat- 5@170=65/185=70/195=75 + 5/5@208lb=80%

    After having two or three good weeks feeling a little off this week and today was a shit show! Im going to sleep extra and warm up extra tomorrow and hope that I feel better!


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